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Catherine and Sara

"You wanna get a beer?" "Drive"

Catherine/Sara Shippers
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for fans of the Catherine/Sara relationship on CSI.
It is clearly a slash community, so if you don't like it, don't join.
All fans are welcome, whether they support a romantic or platonic 'ship.

Membership is open & unmoderated. Anonymous comments are allowed.
If you delete your lj, you will be removed from the members list. Feel free to re-join if you undelete it.

Paid time has been donated by keija, smut_queen, & an anonymous benefactor.
Remain on topic. All posts should be related to Catherine and/or Sara.
Be honest & open, but respect other posters.
If you have a question for one of the mods, email her directly.
C/S fanfiction, be it friendship or romantic, as long as it's behind a cut tag & properly labeled.
Fanart that features Catherine, Sara, or the two together. All art & all icon batches over six (6) should be behind a cut tag.
Episode discussion, including sharing of spoilers, as long at they're behind a cut tag.
Questions about Catherine and/or Sara.
Promotion of communities/websites, but only after getting moderator approval.
Fic, site, art, or community recs.
Requests for beta/writing assistance.
Fanfic that features other pairings (G/C, G/S, etc), unless it features a C/S ship as well.
Introduction posts, unless they include fic/icons/recs.
Discussion of non-csi roles & the actor's personal lives: don't ask if Marg is starring in a new movie, or if Jorja is pregnant.
Real person slash - i.e. Jorja/Marg fic.
Quizzes & memes. JUST NO. They're not appropriate for communities.
Posts & stories with excessive chatspeak & bad grammar.

Any posts which violate these rules will be deleted by the mods without notice.

Posters who violate the rules repeatedly will be denied posting access and/or banned.
Community was created by smut_queen.

In March of 2005, it was handed over to cabarethaze.

It is co-moderated by sarapallas & alithetulip.

As of March 2009, lexus_grey has taken over the maintainer spot, in the absence of all other mods from the community. If cabarethaze returns and still wants to be the maintainer, the community will be handed back over. All mods are still listed as mods and will not be removed as mods unless they appear and request it.
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